creating spaces that house happiness
Lilamani Group was originally set up in 1996. It was founded by Mr. Mahendrabhai Vora, with all his determination and enthusiastic intentions to build modern and need based residential and commercial premises. Since inception, Lilamani Group has been a synonym of trust, faith & ethical practices coupled with quality.
Lilamani gives the beautiful dwellings with culturally wealthy and pleasant standards of living all around. Lilamani provides confluence of delight, happiness and composed lifestyle attained by contented experiences of its exuberant community.
Given this approach, it is no surprise that our projects now cover many square feet of land in and around Ahmedabad. These serve the highest global standards in terms of engineering excellence, design aesthetics and functionality, and demonstrate our commitment.
At the helm of affairf of Lilamani Group is a trio of field-proven visionary leaders.
Every corporate worth its name owes its success to its people – most importantly, top management.
Each brings to the table individual skills and perspectives to help the company hold it's own against very fierce competition in the property development arena, but all are committed to service the company’s vision of creating living spaces that extend beyond walls to embrace and imbibe nature’s bounty and beauty.
Collectively, the experience of senior management covers everything from financial and project planning to construction, project completion, marketing with foresight and wisdom.
Lilamani Group endeavors to provide value for money to its customers.
With a strong belief in safety, hygiene, efficiency and technological advancement, the company builds complete and exclusive structures with dreamed plan and projects.
The group has continued to make a positive impact in all projects & has utilized these experiences to benefit clients. Construction excellence through quality workmanship and management expertise are the principles behind the success of Lilamani Group.
The key to group success is intensified management efforts with in- depth knowledge of property and it's local market. This concentrated focus and contentious efforts give valuable insight to the customer needs and also takes care of community needs surrounding each property.
We have a continuing social responsibility towards the people of the area in which we operate.
We at Lilamani Group are conscious of the fact that our activities have a direct and immediate effect on our employees, stakeholders and society as a whole – not to mention the wider natural world.
Not only do we go out on a limb to preserve natural greenery around sites, but we also try to create a healthy eco-system wherever possible, comprising gardens, parks and aesthetic water bodies.
In fact, we endeavor to create sustainable economies and transform stagnant lives through an active partnership involving synergized and pro-active hand-holding in the areas of infrastructure, education, health and environment.